Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 10 - Level 1

Whew! Day 10 is complete - that means I'm 1/3 done this 30 day challenge!

Today was Level 1 again. I found the first circuit of strength training to be really hard again, but I managed to push through it (pushups and squats with arm presses using 5lb weights).

I managed to do the lunges with bicep curls using 8lb weights for both sets for the second circuit of strength training.

And for circuit 3 of strength - I'm actually finding that those anterior raises (raise arms straight up in front of you to eye level) are finally starting to get easier. Well, not so much easier as less torturous. LOL

Tomorrow is going to be Level 3 again. See ya then.


  1. Keep it up! One-third done ~ woo-hoo!

  2. Have you ever noticed in level one that during the first set of bicept curls that when the camera moves from the black chick to the white chick, you can still see a bunch of the black chick, but she is no longer doing the lunging? I find it amusing.