Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 16 - Level 2

Today was Level 2 again. For some reason I was sweating virtually as much as I do for Level 3. It was really tough. Biceps I had to drop from 8lbs down to 5 lbs for the 2nd set. I really need some weights in between those two. Plus heavier ones for the chest flies and some of the back rows.

There is one thing that I don't quite get about these workouts. All I've ever heard and read (including Jillian Michaels' book Making the Cut) says to perform muscle conditioning workouts every other day, allowing time for your muscles to recover and rebuild, getting bigger and stronger. And if you want to weight train every day you need to use train different muscle groups on different days. But in this workout DVD you're supposed to train every single day, and you're definitely using the same muscle groups every day. So what's the deal? Anybody have any ideas?


  1. I've actually kinda wondered the same thing about that workout as well. Maybe this is only designed for short-term use, but if you actually wanted to be a body-builder, you'd want to go the other route? I don't know. Curious, for sure.

  2. I don't know either. I've always been told that when it comes to weight training you should always have a day off in between. What about running? Is it okay to run every day?


  3. It's definitely ok to run several days in a row. I know they do recommend resting one or two days a week in general, to prevent overuse injuries, etc. But you don't need to take a day off in between every run, no.

    Check out some running faq's here and here.

  4. I have done level 2 twice now. I am soooo not a fan of anything done in the plank position.

    Circuit 3 kills me. After doing the first minute, I can no longer manage to pick up any weight without feeling like my arm is going to fall off.

    Good question about the strength training, Hum. In Body for Life you were supposed to alternate days of cardio and weight training.