Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Measure-in Wednesday

I decided to take Brooke's suggestion and measure myself.

I had purchased Jillian Michael's book Making the Cut awhile back and had done the measuring as per her instructions. So, my original measurements were taken Feb 20th, but I think that would still be pretty accurate numbers to use for how I likely was at the beginning of this challenge.

Hallelujah there's a difference!!

Bust - down 0.5"
Chest - down 2"!!
Waist (just above belly button) - down 1.5"!!
Hips - same
Right Thigh - same
Left Thigh - down 0.25"

Total inches lost - 4.25"!!!!

The thigh measurements I'm not 100% sure are accurate as it's a little more subjective measuring and I don't remember exactly where I took them.

I also measured my belly this time. The waist measurement isn't overly helpful anyway, it's not like we're buying pants that fit around the waist. They fit around the belly - you know, so it can push your post-pregnancy belly up and over into the muffin top look. Unfortunately my belly measurement is 3" bigger than my waist measurement.

I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't shrunk in the hip/thigh department - both important jean fit measurements. Hopefully by the end of the Shred there will be some improvement there.

Anyway, I am very encouraged by those numbers and I look forward to measuring again at the end of this torture shredding.


  1. Your numbers looks great! Congrats on all the inches lost. I'm sure you're building some muscle, so it might take a bit before you realize the fat loss (weight loss). Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see your final measurements when you're done!!

  2. Tammy, have you found, when you started this regimen, that you were really HUNGRY? I mean, FAMISHED? I am. I mean, take into account I am still nursing, but I can't seem to get enough food. I am watching all my calories and staying in a deficit but it's hard! Did you find this?

  3. I am pretty hungry actually, now that you mention it!

    I remember being absolutely famished when I exercised at top capacity while nursing though. I am definitely not surprised you're feeling that.

  4. I think I need to get this dvd, if you've dropped those measurements in 2 weeks, that's great. I was dropping an inch a week on some parts when I first started.
    But seeing as I haven't been exercising for about a month though is it going to kill me?

  5. Well, if you try to follow Natalie right off the hope, it probably would!

    Remember, you can always follow Anita, who demonstrates an easier version. Plus you can always use lighter weights, or even no weights at all, if necessary.

  6. Ok.... I will get it when I get home from the city. If I lose all sensation in my body because of the exercises its your fault :P

  7. My belly measurement is bigger then my waist too, and I haven't taken it before but perhaps I should. Gotta love the mummy-tummy.