Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 11 - Level 3

Well, I've managed to peel myself up off the floor after completing Level 3 again.

The only part that seems even a little bit easier is the cardio with weights section. I can actually perform the moves properly and at the same speed as her using my 5lb weights. At first I had to go way slower with my punches, but now I can do it!

Everything else seems just as hard though, but if I'm improving in one area, I'm likely also improving in another and just not noticing it.

Go me!

Tomorrow is Sunday so another tough day. There's no Sunday School so that's good, but it is Father's Day, so it would be good if I could be done exercising and showered in time to make breakfast instead of Nathan making it like he usually does on the weekends. I have a fabulous husband!!

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